What if you knew how to help your toddler taste new foods, eat more variety & get all the nutrients they need to thrive?

When they were younger, eating was easy

Then, something changed. All of the sudden, they started rejecting the foods they used to love. You thought maybe it was a phase, but now:

  • You feel like other “picky eaters” are eating much better than your child does

  • Your kid is living off of crackers and milk and you're worried they’re not getting the nutrients they need

  • You realize it’s been ages since they’ve tried a new food

  • You’re feeling guilty….maybe it’s all your fault?

All of that can create stress, especially when you feel like you’ve tried everything and you don’t know how to help.

With research-backed strategies that easily fit into chaotic days and busy family life, the Eating with Ease Program for Toddlers & Little Kids helps your child get on the path to trying new foods.

When you join the Eating with Ease Program for Toddlers & Little Kids you get


    you'll learn the techniques experts use and love to get your child on track to trying new foods without tears or tantrums


    ask questions directly to your coach for feedback and accountability (even the crazy specific and weird ones!) via email


    basically an expert in your pocket with the step-by-step plan you need to resolve picky eating & all of the bumps you encounter feeding a fickle toddler

The Eating with Ease Program for Toddlers & Little Kids teaches parents to help their kids make real progress and meets you where you’re at, whether you’re just starting to worry or you’ve been concerned for a while

Imagine having the confidence to help your toddler comfortably try a variety of new foods without pressure, tears, or tantrums


  • Access to bite-sized video trainings for 6 weeks that you can watch on your own schedule that won’t eat into your free time (because this momma knows how important that is!)

  • Super manageable weekly action steps that easily fit into the routines you’re already doing every day

  • Opportunities to ask your specific questions and get personalized feedback via email (because there’s no one-size-fits-all approach and sometimes you just need to talk things through)

  • A simple but effective step-by-step plan you can follow so you never have to second-guess yourself or wonder if what you’re doing is “right”

Sounds helpful, right?


Your 6-week membership includes limited-time bonuses

  • food bridging course

    Lifetime access to my exclusive food bridging course with toooons of examples and a step-by-step guide on how your can use your child's current diet to add new foods

  • irresistible ways to encourage eating

    Children learn by touching, seeing, smelling and interacting with new foods. Included are: 23 ways to encourage tasting, food game ideas to get your child engaged and having fun with food & MORE.

  • solutions for picky eater roadblocks

    The Eating with Ease Program has you covered for every roadblock you can imagine: constipation, menu ruts, family meals, food refusal, snack ideas, must-have tools and so much more.

what parents are saying

My son tried a strawberry!

Eating with Ease mom

Changing our mindset has been huge for us. As we've calmed down a bit, we've been able to take some of the pressure off [my son] and it's produced a few great moments for him. We asked him to interact with a strawberry one night at dinner, thinking he'd lick it or smell it. He ended up cutting it up and even taking a bite!

My daughter ate chicken!

Eating with Ease mom

[My daughter] cooked with me and tried some marinated chicken while we cooked...The fact that she asked to try something and actually ate a bit was amazing.

New foods after 1 week!

Eating with Ease mom

We're just one week in and [my son] tried a cheese quesadilla AND french fries this week. He's been offered these foods for a long time, and this week he finally ate them both!

Hi! I'm Jenny Friedman, MS RD -

picky eating expert, dietitian, author, mom & your coach

Known for her playful and approachable style, Jenny has helped dozens of children learn to confidently eat new foods and expand their diets. Jenny helps parents understand their child's eating challenges so they can have better mealtimes and know their kids are getting the nutrition they need to thrive.

She is the author of Stories of Extreme Picky Eating: Children with Severe Food Aversions and the Solutions that Helped Them and on the board of medical reviewers for whattoexpect.com.

I can't wait to have you join the Eating with Ease family


  • How long will I have access to coaching and program materials?

    The Eating with Ease Program for Toddlers & Little Kids is 6 weeks long. You will have access to the program materials and coaching for 6 weeks from your date of purchase.

  • I’ve tried everything. How can this help?

    Yes, you've read every book and you know all the tips. But so far nothing has changed. A program is different than a DIY approach - no matter how much you know or how hard you've been trying. A program keeps you accountable, gives you a framework, and allows you to create a personalized approach alongside a professional.

  • Is my child too old or too young?

    It's never too early or too late for a child to learn to feel more comfortable eating. This program is specifically designed for children 18 months - 4 years old. If your child is older than 4, please contact me to learn about the Eating with Ease Program for Big Kids.

  • How many foods will my child be eating when Eating with Ease is over?

    Your child’s progress in Eating with Ease will depend on a number of factors - where they are starting from, how much time you are able to commit to the program and recommended activities, and the severity of their eating aversions are just a few.

    While we cannot guarantee that your child will eat a certain number of foods or any specific foods, we can guarantee that you will learn the necessary strategies to get them on track to trying new foods and that you will feel completely supported throughout your time in the program.

  • Is Eating with Ease appropriate for children with a diagnosis of autism or sensory processing difficulties?

    Eating with Ease addresses extreme food aversions. While not designed specifically for these populations, the approach is appropriate for the eating struggles that kids with autism or sensory processing disorders experience. Please note that children with special needs often need professional assessment and support. The Eating with Ease Program can be a great addition to support from individual therapists.

  • My child has an ARFID diagnosis. Is this program right for me?

    Yes! This course will be great for you. You will want to make sure you are also working with a personal medical team if your child is underweight, nutrients, tube fed, or has any other medical diagnosis or issue.

  • How does this all work?

    The Program begins the day you enroll. You have 6 lessons to complete throughout your 6 weeks. Each lesson includes several short videos. Most are under 30 minutes.

    Think of each lesson as a new layer or piece of the plan to improve your child's eating.

    You will also have access to picky eating experts via email so you can ask questions and get direct feedback.

    Your membership also includes PDF guides and resources.

    The time investment is flexible and manageable as most strategies can be put in place at mealtimes that you're already having.

  • How is Eating with Ease different from the other picky eating programs and courses out there?

    The Eating with Ease Program is designed for parents of very selective eaters on the severe or extreme end of the picky eating spectrum. You might describe them as a problem eater, food phobic, fearful, anxious, avoidant, or averse.

    Unlike many other picky eating programs, Eating with Ease uses a responsive child-led approach to address your child’s barriers to trying new foods. The approach considers the root cause of eating struggles and respects a child's comfort level while helping them to move forward at their own pace.

    Unlike many other programs, Eating with Ease also focuses on you, the parent. The program helps you learn to accept your child's struggles and sets you up to make progress in a realistic and manageable way.

    Finally, unlike many other courses, Eating with Ease is a PROGRAM. That means you have direct access to your coach for personalized guidance so you're always supported and can be sure the program is working for YOU. No other picky eating solution is customized this way or offers weekly access to an expert.

Still have questions about the Eating with Ease Program?

Get in touch. I’ll make sure you have all the info you need, so you can join in confidence