You’re a parent of a child with a severely limited diet.

Everyone told you they'd outgrow it.....but they haven't

You heard they'd eat when they got hungry enough....but that never worked (and trying never felt good)

You'd LOVE for them to eat "real food" (even "kid food" like pizza would be AMAZING)...instead of snacks, snacks & more snacks

You're tired of blaming yourself. You're tired of stressing. You're just plain tired

You thought feeding your child would be easier

You're in a place you swore you never would be. You hoped it would be a phase, but now:

  • You're stuck in a cycle of serving their very limited list of "safe" foods and hoping they don't drop any more

  • You're packing "their food" any time you go to a birthday party and your family never goes out to eat

  • You can't remember the last time they tried a new food

  • You’re feeling guilty….maybe it’s all your fault?

All of that can create stress, especially when you feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING and you don’t know how to help.

With research-backed strategies that easily fit into chaotic days and busy family life, the Eating with Ease Program helps your child get on the path to trying new foods.

Here's how:


    you'll learn the techniques experts use and love with a step-by step framework, comprehensive guidebook, and tons of resources that have helped hundreds of parents


    you can stop experimenting with every random tip you come across and finally get clear on which feeding approaches do & don't work with an extremely picky eater


    you'll have the opportunity to ask questions directly to your coach for individualized feedback and accountability to address your specific needs & struggles

The Eating with Ease Program teaches parents to help their extremely picky eater make real progress and meets you where you’re at, whether you’re just starting to worry or you’ve been concerned for a while

Michele, mom to a 6 year old

"We’ve been in feeding therapy for my son for years and Eating with Ease is unlike anything else I have ever come across. I have been feeling so ambitious since starting. We're finally going in the right direction.
The program provides tools that I’ve never had before and they’re helping so much. It is so incredibly special. I have more confidence and a state of mind I didn't ever think I could have."

Imagine your child eating anything you serve (including vegetables!), making just ONE meal for your family, and finally feeling GOOD about your child's eating


  • Six months of coaching & support with a strategic framework so you can stay consistent and stop second guessing yourself

  • Private 1:1 meetings and weekly coaching calls so you can get personalized support & accountability to keep you on track

  • Bonus live "kids-only" sessions where your child can enjoy guided food exploring and meet their food coach

  • Bite-sized video lessons and session recordings to watch on your own schedule and refer back to 24/7 because you’re a busy parent and life happens!

  • A printable guidebook - basically your step-by-step playbook to resolve picky eating & all of the resources you need (you can share with your partner so everyone is on the same page)

  • Tons of resources like a new food introduction guide, nutrition tools for kids, a library of food play and food exploring strategies & everything you need to support all aspects of your child’s eating

Sounds helpful, right?


membership also includes limited-time bonuses

  • irresistible ways to encourage eating

    Take the EwE framework one step further with a fruit & veggie introduction guide that includes recipes, activities, serving suggestions, and more. You'll also get a step-by-step food bridging guide with toooons of examples.

  • guest feeding experts

    Special sessions with guest feeding experts like occupational therapists so you can be sure you're addressing your child's eating from every angle

  • solutions for picky eater roadblocks

    The Eating with Ease Program has you covered for every roadblock you can imagine: eating refusal, "I don't like its," preferred rejection and so much more.

What Parents Love About Eating with Ease

"Invaluable investment"

Christina, mom to 10 year old

"Eating with Ease was an invaluable investment for my family. There’s no more crying or anxiety attached [to mealtimes] and she’s tried more things in the past few months than ever in her life."

"She's trying new foods all the time"

Danielle, mom to a 5-year-old

"If someone could have told us 3 months ago that this is where we would be now… I wouldn’t have believed it. [When we started] my daughter was losing weight and we were worried all the time. Now, she’s trying new foods all the time. We’re definitely not worried about her anymore. "

"We can go out to eat!"

Rachel, mom of an 8-year-old

"I want to express my gratitude for Jenny and for all the awesome moms that I had the privilege of knowing. Before working with Jenny, I was freaking out because my son wouldn’t have a grilled cheese out and now he will eat multiple types of grilled cheese and multiple types of quesadillas."

You’re exhausted, overwhelmed & embarrassed when your family eats with others

When you join the Eating with Ease Program

you'll gain confidence and relief from the daily stress for just $7 a day

(each month costs less than a single consultation!)


    Solutions that meet you where you're at so you can stop blaming yourself and see immediate improvements


    An effective framework to make eating easier so you never feel stuck and your child can begin tasting new foods at their own pace


    An amazing community of parents who actually get what it's like so you can stop feeling like you're the only one with an extremely picky eater

Eating with Ease is for you if your child:

  • Has a short list of preferred foods

  • Needs more variety in their diet

  • Experiences fear or anxiety about trying new foods or even just having them on their plate

  • Can’t eat the same meal as the rest of your family, at restaurants, or at friends’ houses

  • Might have sensory-based food aversions

If you're ready to get clear on how to finally help your child eat new foods, spend less time preparing multiple meals, and do all the things you’ve been wanting to do with your family without the stress of your child's eating (hello, restaurants and vacations!), it's time to join Eating with Ease

Every single parent wishes they got started sooner


Hi! I'm Jenny Friedman, MS RD -

picky eating expert, dietitian, author, mom & your coach

Known for her playful and approachable style, Jenny has helped dozens of children learn to confidently eat new foods and expand their diets. Jenny helps parents understand their child's eating challenges so they can have better mealtimes and know their kids are getting the nutrition they need to thrive.

She is the author of Stories of Extreme Picky Eating: Children with Severe Food Aversions and the Solutions that Helped Them and on the board of medical reviewers for

I can't wait to have you join the Eating with Ease family


  • I’ve tried everything. How is Eating with Ease different from the other picky eating programs and courses out there?

    The Eating with Ease Program is designed for parents of very selective eaters on the severe or extreme end of the picky eating spectrum. You might describe them as a problem eater, food phobic, fearful, anxious, avoidant, or averse.

    Unlike many other picky eating programs, Eating with Ease uses a responsive child-led approach to address your child’s barriers to trying new foods. The approach considers the root cause of eating struggles and respects a child's comfort level while helping them to move forward at their own pace. Eating with Ease also includes expertise from other eating professionals.

    Unlike many other programs, Eating with Ease also focuses on you, the parent. The program helps you learn to accept your child's struggles and sets you up to make progress in a realistic and manageable way.

  • Is my child too old or too young?

    It's never too early or too late for a child to learn to feel more comfortable eating. Children ages 4-12 have expanded their diets with the Eating with Ease program. Children with verbal skills see the best results. If you are looking for support for a toddler or older child, please email [email protected].

  • Is Eating with Ease appropriate for children with a diagnosis of autism or sensory processing difficulties?

    Eating with Ease addresses extreme food aversions. While not designed specifically for these populations, the approach is appropriate for the eating struggles that kids with autism or sensory processing disorders experience. Please note that children with special needs often need professional assessment and support. The Eating with Ease Program can be a great addition to support from individual therapists. The program is designed for children who have verbal skills.

  • How many foods will my child be eating when Eating with Ease is over?

    Your child’s progress in Eating with Ease will depend on a number of factors - where they are starting from, how much time you are able to commit to the program and recommended activities, and the severity of their eating aversions are just a few.

    While we cannot guarantee that your child will eat a certain number of foods or any specific foods, we can guarantee that you will learn the necessary strategies to help them feel more comfortable eating and trying new foods and that you will feel completely supported throughout your time in the program.

  • My child has a diagnosis of ARFID. Is this program right for me?

    Yes! This course will be great for you. You will want to make sure you are also working with a personal medical team if your child is underweight, nutrients, tube fed, or has any other medical diagnosis or issue.

  • How does this all work?

    Once you join the Eating with Ease Program, you’ll have access to a proven framework made of short trainings. You can watch or listen to these at your own pace. After watching a lesson, you will begin implementing the strategies at home. At any point you can reach out to your coach for personalized support. You can attend weekly office hours, chat in the online community, or meet 1:1.

    The weekly time investment is flexible. Most training sessions are only a few minutes long and all live meetings are recorded if you miss them or want to rewatch.

Still have questions about the Eating with Ease Program?

Get in touch. I’ll make sure you have all the info you need, so you can join in confidence

Interested in the Eating with Ease framework at a more accessible price?

Try the DIY version & you'll get:

  • The Eating with Ease Program framework (access for 6 months)

  • The Eating with Ease workbook and resources

  • Weekly email support

  • Please note this includes ONLY the Eating with Ease framework and video trainings. The DIY course is a self-paced option that does NOT include 1:1 sessions, office hours. or kids sessions.

  • If you would like personalized support with this option, you can upgrade with 3 1:1 sessions for a fee of $750

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