You’re a parent of a child with a severely limited diet.

Dinnertime is the LEAST favorite part of your day.

Getting your child to eat anything beyond their five preferred foods is a battle.

You're tired of the food struggles and desperate for a change. But you're stuck.

You've bought a dozen picky eating books, tried cute plates and toothpicks with animal faces, and have even invested in an online program before.

Nothing you've tried has worked.

And you don’t know where to go from here.


  • Making just one meal instead of many separate ones….and actually enjoying eating with your family

  • Being able to travel and leave the house without bringing your child's favorite foods

  • Your child comfortably tasting a variety of nutritious new foods without resisting, gagging, or getting upset

S, mom to a 6 year old

"I highly recommend Eating with Ease. Jenny is so inspiring. Her passion is infectious and she gave me a newfound sense of hope, clear foundation, path to begin and encouragement to continue and not ever give up."

Life could be so much easier

Eating with Ease provides you with an efficient but effective framework to help your child eat more variety

  • Easy Steps

    Learn weekly simple strategies that you can begin implementing at the next meal!

  • A Clear Plan

    Follow an effective framework to create a solid foundation and make eating easier no matter where your child is in their picky eating journey.

  • Support & Accountability

    Connect with a small group of parents who know exactly what you're going through so you can get fresh ideas in addition to 24/7 support and accountability

In Eating with Ease you will get access to a registered dietitian and extreme picky eating expert, a structured plan you can begin implementing immediately, resources you need to help your child, and a supportive community of parents who know exactly what you’re going through

  • 12 weeks of coaching

  • A weekly Q&A session so you never have to wonder if you’re on the right track

  • Access to a private messaging system to communicate with your coach and fellow group members so you can celebrate wins, get immediate feedback, and make connections along the way

  • A comprehensive workbook with activities, guides, and tips so you can start conquering picky eating on Day 1

  • An eating milestone tracker to help you celebrate your child’s successes and help them continue to progress

  • Special bonuses like a portion size guide, weekly meal planner, and supplement guide to support all aspects of your child’s eating

  • Session recordings to refer back to 24/7 because you’re a busy parent and life happens!

Your child's eating doesn't have to run your life any longer

I know that adding one more thing to your plate may not seem possible.

The reality is that devoting the time now will save you years of time, stress, and frustration.

Just imagine all the hours you'll get back when you don't have to make multiple meals 3 times a day!

Eating with Ease is for you if your child:

  • Has a short list of preferred foods

  • Needs more variety in their diet

  • Experiences fear or anxiety about trying new foods or even just having them on their plate

  • Can’t eat the same meal as the rest of your family, at restaurants, or at friends’ houses

  • Might have sensory-based food aversions

Jenny Friedman, MS RD -

picky eating dietitian and your coach

has helped dozens of children with severe food aversions. Known for her playful and approachable child-led style, Jenny has become a leading resource for parents and professionals working with children who struggle to eat. She is the author of Stories of Extreme Picky Eating: Children with Severe Food Aversions and the Solutions that Helped Them.

What Parents Love About Eating with Ease

S, mom to 3 year old

Jenny is so attentive and supportive. She really gets what it’s like. It’s like she looked into our family and offered the key we needed to make it better.

E, mom of a 7-year-old

"We’ve tried so many different approaches. When I heard [about Eating with Ease] and got a taste of Jenny’s approach, I knew this was different. It's been very helpful to have that advice and support from an expert as well as a group of parents who are on the same journey. I would recommend [Eating with Ease] to a parent who is completely exhausted, confused and frustrated with the state of their child's eating - which is a place I was.

M, Mom to a 6 year old

"It's a really great program if you are completely lost on where to start. There is a lot of reassurance that this is not JUST your child, and that there can be improvement in their eating habits. It will help you reframe your thinking and come up with ideas to get your child exposed to new foods."


  • I’ve tried everything. How is this different from the other picky eating programs and courses out there?

    Eating with Ease is designed for very selective eaters on the severe or extreme end of the picky eating spectrum. It is not your average picky eating course for traditional picky eaters.

    If you’ve unsuccessfully tried using cute toothpicks and cutting food in fun shapes, you’re in the right place. Eating with Ease is for you if your child has an extremely limited diet and has strong aversions to trying new foods. You might describe them as a problem eater, food phobic, fearful, anxious, avoidant, or averse.

    Unlike many other picky eating programs, Eating with Ease uses a child-led and fun sensory-based approach to address your child’s barriers to trying new foods.

  • Is Eating with Ease appropriate for children with a diagnosis of autism or sensory processing difficulties?

    Eating with Ease addresses extreme food aversions. While not designed specifically for these populations, the approach is appropriate for the eating struggles that kids with autism or sensory processing disorders experience. Please note that children with special needs often need professional assessment and support. Eating with Ease can be a great addition to that but cannot replace it. The program is designed for children who have verbal skills.

  • Is my child too old or too young?

    Eating with Ease is designed for children ages ~2-10. The principles you will learn apply to anyone who struggles to eat and will be relevant to parents of twelve and thirteen year olds, too. Because older teens and young teens have more independence with eating, the principles we cover are less relevant to them.

  • How many foods will my child be eating when Eating with Ease is over?

    Your child’s progress in Eating with Ease will depend on a number of factors - where they are starting from, how much time you are able to commit to the program and recommended activities, and the severity of their eating aversions. While we cannot guarantee that your child will eat a certain number of foods or any specific foods, we can guarantee that you will learn the necessary strategies to help them feel more comfortable eating and trying new foods and that you will feel completely supported throughout your time in the program.

  • My child has a diagnosis of ARFID. Is this program right for me?

    Yes! This course will be great for you. You will want to make sure you are also working with a personal medical team if your child is underweight, nutrients, tube fed, or has any other medical diagnosis or issue.

C, mom to 4 picky eaters

"What’s different [about Eating with Ease] is the personal connection, other families, and the accountability. You want the person who is giving the advice to have treated kids with these issues. Jenny has met these kids. She knows these kids. [Eating with Ease] is based on experience, success, and reality. The impact on day to day living has been really profound."

If you're ready to stop feeling guilty, spend less time preparing multiple meals, and finally do all the things you’ve been wanting to do with your family, join Eating with Ease today.